As Woolknot Hali in Turkey we are one of the leading manufacturers of the carpet and rugs since 1950 intend to integrate the power of manufacturing an exporting from our headquarter in Istanbul. Now we are so pleased to announce our second headquarter in US located in heart of downtown Dalton with the state of art warehousing and capability of shipping from Georgia.



It is important to us to become a leader to meet the needs of the sector by adding the new headquarter in US, just like we have more than 30 business partners in 17 different countries around the world. Our biggest goal to further and promote our unique and premium rugs and carpeting brand our line exclusivity for US, Canada and South America with containers continuously so often coming to US.


Our inventory offering attractive, high-quality with today’s colors are our part of the equation focused on optimizing the customer experience. We back each of our product with unwavering complement to quality and service extensive in the star in stock inventory from classic to contemporary high-quality products, One-of-a-kind ‘s selected over 30,000 inspired products, provide fresh colorful on trend option for every lifestyle and budget in mine. Our goal of becoming to go to resource for coordinating fashion and style.